Easter decoration: How to make sure your home is ready for Easter

 Just like spring, Easter is just around the corner. Make sure to get enough Easter decoration in order to ready your home in time for Easter.

What to know about Easter decoration

Easter decoration doesn’t have to be expensive. Except for the flowers, make sure to buy reusable Easter decoration in order to maintain a low-budget. Pretty pastels fit this theme perfectly and will definitely add a homely touch to your home. Read  inspirational ideas and pictures.

1. Easter decoration lights

First of all, lights are a nice way to spruce up your home. Pick a nice tray, add some flowers and put the lights around the flowers. As it’s probably still dark after 7 pm, this will create a nice illuminating effect in the evening. The lights in the picture are really appropriate for Easter and run on batteries.

Flowers surrounded by Easter eggs lights on a tray.

2. Easter egg vase

Vase with glass bottle in the middleVase with tulips

This vase is perfect for tulips, as the glass bottle in the center doesn’t hold more flowers than approximately seven. Simply add decoration between the bottle and vase. To top it off, make sure to add a few faux-eggs. For more tulips, check this post.

3. Chocolate bunny

What is more Easter-like than chocolate Easter eggs? The head of this chocolate bunny is actually detachable and makes a great way to store all of your chocolate eggs for the season.

Easter bunny with detachable head

4. Easter branches

Pink and white Easter branches in pink vase

Last, but definitely not least are the Easter branches. Make sure you do not forget these! To create a different spin on the regular Easter branches, simply pick colored branches and put them in a pastel-colored vase. These branches already have different shapes in them, therefore there is no need in decorating them with eggs or such.

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