21 Creative First day of School Family Traditions

21 Creative First Day of School Ideas for Parents Cover Image - EduMEE

21 Creative First day of School Family Traditions

I’ve been mulling over how to make my children’s first day back at school memorable. Many families consider taking their new school‐aged child out to dinner as a must – but what else might you do? While I’m thinking of how to make the first day of school memorable, I’ve also come up with strategies to help children adjust to school after having stayed at home. It’s time to get ready for that first day of school! Here’s our list of 21 Creative First day of School Family Traditions:

Here are some kindergarten kick-off ideas and first day of school traditions:

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1. Make kissing hand cookies, read The Kissing Hand, and eat them together.
2.Prepare apple-themed breakfast or lunch with apple-shaped pancakes, sandwiches and more.
3. Create a back-to-school countdown chain by taking a picture of your child in front of the school holding a sign indicating their grade and year.
4. Take a photo of your child in their first day of school outfit holding a sign with their grade and year level.
5. Magical elves who leaves a special surprise the night before school begins is a nice touch. 
6. After school, plan a special outing such as a trip to the ice cream stand. 
7. A new first day of school outfit is nice to buy.
8. A special hairdo like braids is a good idea for a commuter mom’s
daughter. They help her sleep with wavy hair in the morning.
9. Balloon decorations will make the breakfast table look nice. 
10. Have a special cupcake for breakfast.
11. Every year, take a picture in the same place starting with Kindergarten. 
12. Plan a school-themed meal or lunch (alphabet soup, etc.). 
13. Give your child a backpack attachment.
14. It will keep him or her distracted on the bus if you distract them. clip-ons for a friend’s kids have included a compass, a soccer ball, a mini flashlight, and Legos in the past.
15. Sing a funny song about going back to school with a goofy dance to your child in the morning.
16. Write a note to your child and put it in her/his lunch box. 
17. For the first week of school, start a story and allow your child to read a new paragraph every day.
18. Jazz up the school supply list with colorful crayons, erasers, or pencil sharpeners.
19. Buy some fun and cheap stickers or temporary tattoos that the child can wear on the first day of school.
20. If the children are close, laminate a picture of the family or the family pet with the child.
21. Write a surprising positive message or love note in chalk at the bus stop. 
What other suggestions do you have about this article, 21 Creative First Day of School Ideas for Parents? Please comment with your kindergarten first day ideas and school traditions.

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