4 Supplies Students need for Back-to-School

4 Things You Must Include In Your Back-To-School Shopping List Cover Image - EduMEE

4 Supplies Students need for Back-to-School

When school begins, we need to buy everything for the new school year including uniforms, backpacks, notebooks, and pencils. We also need to think about what to wear on the first day of school. It’s a busy time of year for parents as they make sure their children have everything they need before school starts. Here are helpful 4 Supplies Students need for Back-to-School List to help you if you are having trouble preparing.

What to buy for your child’s school year

It is important to have everything your child will need for kindergarten, including a backpack, a lunch box and water bottle, and some school supplies. For higher grades, your child will require a computer or iPad and keyboard, pencil case, and books. They may also want a new backpack for middle or high school, or new shoes as teenagers.

Computer and tech gear

In order to keep your child happy and engaged, you’ll need to budget for computer or iPad, a keyboard, a pencil case, etc. You’ll also need to budget for a backpack, a lunch box, and a water bottle. Your child will require a backpack to carry their books and school supplies. If your child is entering middle or high school, they may want a new pair of shoes. As teenagers mature, their clothes may no longer fit, so you must include that in your budget.

School supplies

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Ensure your child has their sketchbooks if they will be using a notebook. Make sure the notebook is the appropriate size if your child is an artist. You’ll also need to get your child a good pen or pencil for taking notes. If you’re buying a pencil, get your child a pencil box to keep everything organized. If you’re buying a pen, get your child a pen holder for their desk or notebook. Teachers spend $50 per student yearly on supplies. Most schools also ask parents to contribute $10 towards each child’s school supplies.

Uniform and clothing

Your child should have the correct clothes if they are going to wear a uniform. You can purchase uniforms online at places like Amazon. Make sure your child has clean clothes that will last the entire school year if they’re wearing jeans and a shirt. If your child will be wearing dress shoes, verify that the ones they have are in good condition. You may want to purchase new dress shoes for your child if they don’t have any.

Add-ons (backpack, shoes, etc.)

For school, make sure your child’s bag has a sturdy strap and they’re wearing sturdy shoes. For sports, check with the coach to see what they need. If your child has been wearing a certain kind of shoe, they may need a new pair, or if they’ve been playing a certain sport, they may need new athletic gear.


Back to school is an exciting yet hectic time. You need to buy new uniforms, school supplies, and outfits for yourself and your family. We prepared a helpful article, 4 Things You Must Include On Your Back-To-School Shopping List. Now that you have all the information you need, you should prepare for the upcoming school year. Get your kids everything they need and make sure they have the proper ease and comfort as they head back to school.

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