5 Easy Lunchbox Ideas that will keep your child Focused and Full of Energy

5 Back-to-School Lunchbox Ideas that Will Keep Your Child Focused and Full of Energy Cover Image - EduMEE

5 Easy Lunchbox Ideas that will keep your child Focused and Full of Energy

Back-to-school time can be an anxious time for parents no matter what the child’s age. You want to support your child as they begin to learn new skills and grow as a person. It’s hard to find the free time to make wholesome meals that are also fast and easy to prepare.
The 5 easy lunchbox ideas that will keep your child full of energy all day long. You want them to be ready for whatever comes their way after school. Are you looking for some quick and wholesome lunch ideas? Lunches that will keep your child focused and full of energy? Then check out these 5 Back-to-School Lunchbox Ideas.

A Sandwich is Still a Sandwich

For many of us, a sandwich is a quick, easy and familiar lunch idea. But for some parents, a sandwich can become a source of anxiety. Are you including the right ingredients in your child’s sandwich each day? How do you avoid potential allergies or food sensitivities? How do you keep the bread from becoming soggy or crumbling? Even the most basic sandwiches can be a nutritious and healthy lunch option. It’s easy to make sure that your child’s sandwich has healthy allergy-free ingredients. Buy whole grain bread and high-quality cheese at the farmers’ market to make paninis. Add a slice of organic tomato, pickles, or avocado to jazz them up. for something a little adventurous try making the sandwich on a stick, or wrapping it in a tortilla. My kids enjoy bagels with cream cheese as well.
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Beans and Rice for Lunch

Your favorite Mexican-style dishes will work for back-to-school time. Mexican foods are full of beans, healthy fats, and protein-rich ingredients. It takes minutes to combine your favorite Mexican-inspired dish with a bowl of rice. Make a Mexican-inspired rice bowl with either white or brown rice. You can also use other rice alternatives like quinoa, teff, or even amaranth. Top your rice bowl with black beans, salsa, avocado, and even some fresh cilantro. Toss in some diced bell peppers, corn, shredded chicken, or other ingredients too. It all depends on what you’re in the mood for. A Mexican-inspired rice bowl is a great way to keep your child full of energy all afternoon long. They will be ready for whatever comes their way at school!

Toss Some Tofu on a Bed of Greens

Tofu is a great source of protein, iron, and calcium. It’s also versatile, making it perfect for adding to almost any dish. Steam or bake tofu and then toss it in a salad, stir-fry, sandwich, or even a smoothie! It’s also easy to make your own tofu from scratch at home. take high-quality tofu and marinate it in your favorite spices, herbs, or even chili sauce. You can marinate the tofu in a plastic or glass container in the refrigerator. Once marinated, you can slice or cube the tofu and toss it in with a bed of greens. You can also add nuts, seeds, olives, sweet peppers, or any other ingredients you like to your salad.

Rolled Oats are the New Rice Krispies

Oats can be a great addition to any lunchbox. They’re high in fiber and make a great energy-packed snack. But did you know that you can also use oats to make a rice crispies-like snack? This treat is perfect for packing into your child’s lunchbox. Use a rolling pin or apply some pressure with the palm of your hand to break down rolled oats into tiny pieces. Add peanut butter, chocolate chips, dried fruit, sunflower seeds, or any other ingredients. Mix up the flavor and ingredients of this oat-based snack and your child never gets tired of eating it!

Hummus Is a Pro at Keeping Your Child Full

Hummus is full of protein, fiber, and healthy fats. It’s also very easy to make your own at home with a few ingredients. Combine chickpeas with tahini, salt, lemon juice, and garlic. You can also throw in some fresh herbs like parsley or cilantro or spices like paprika, turmeric, or cumin. Add some extra protein with some black beans or edamame beans. Hummus is great as a sandwich spread, mixed with vegetables, or even used as a salad dressing. It’s also perfect for dipping crackers or pretzels! Hummus is a great way to keep your child full for hours and ready for whatever comes their way after school!

Bento Lunchbox!

Bento boxes are a great go-to for a healthy and wholesome lunch idea. And you can change your Bento choices to make sure that allergy-free and kid-approved. Start with some whole-grain ingredients like rice or crackers. Mix in colorful fruit and berries. Add in some raw veggies, avocado, or some leftover cooked veggies from last night’s dinner. Put a little protein in too. Here are some fantastic bento ideas from Eat This, Not That!

Mashed Potatoes for Lunch

Mashed potatoes are a classic lunchbox dish. They’re easy to make and perfect comfort food. You can change your mashed potato recipe and make it more nutritious. Start with a simple white potato mash without any added butter or cream. Then add in some steamed kale or other greens and some beans or other legumes. You can also add in some nutritional yeast, garlic, or herbs and spices to add flavor. Mashed potatoes are a perfect lunchbox dish because they’re easy to transport and easy to reheat. And they’re easy to change to make sure they’re as healthy as possible!


Back-to-school time means preparing to deal with picky eaters. Plus finding new ways to keep kids full and focused. It can be challenging to come up with healthy and wholesome lunchbox recipes. Especially ones that are also quick and easy to prepare. Remember that simple ingredients build nutritious and energy-packed lunches your kids will love!

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