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By using Minecraft Education Edition, our teachers deliver knowledge in a way that students want, a way that makes them wanting to be in the class. We deliver our classes/projects in Project Based Learning format following Next Generation Science Standard combined with Next Generation Learning Standards as developed by NYSED.
The best learning is done through playing. That is true for kids and adults. By using Minecraft we create a play-learning environment, that is fun and is where our children want to be and want to learn.

Next Generation Learning Standards

Use Minecraft for Homeschool. Afterschool. Tutoring.

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Learning happens in classrooms but it doesn’t have to. Use EduMEE to facilitate learning experiences while having fun in Minecraft.

Learning Standards

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Next Generation Science Standards- EduMEE

Traditional Learning vs. Project Based Learning

Taditional learning versus Project based Learning- EduMEE

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