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As you explore the wilderness in Minecraft, you might find yourself periodically coming across little settlements. These represent a little touch of civilization in an otherwise wild world. Build one to experience what it's like for your own virtual settlers!

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4 hours

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June 8, 2021

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Students examine the structure and function of forts by building one themselves.  Game/Play Project-Based NGSS  STEM  courses Online

Learning Objectives

  • Students examine the structure and function of forts by building one themselves in Minecraft: Education Edition.

Guiding Ideas

  • Why do you think people built forts along the Trail?
  • What can we learn from the design of the forts about the lives of these folks?
  • What purpose would a fort serve in your local town or city today?

Student Activities

Students will research forts along the trail and explore what purposes they served travelers throughout their journey.  Students will then design their own fort and create it with supplies provided.

Performance Expectations

Military post or small town?  After many long days traveling through wilderness, travelers would periodically be rewarded with a little touch of civilization.  Forts offered not only military protection but an opportunity to replenish supplies and rest.  After researching some of the different forts and their many functions, build your own fort in Minecraft: Education Edition.  Once you have created your Fort, create an ad for your fort, encouraging travelers to visit it. To be a complete fort, make sure your build includes:
  • All external walls need to be at least 10 blocks high
  • Include a secure entry door and no secret passages
  • Include covered sleep and storage areas to keep food safe
  • Include watchtowers to stay protected


  • Creativity
  • Critical Thinking

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