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By understanding where landmarks are and why they are significant, students gain an understanding of the community in which they are studying.

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Learning Objectives

  • Students will identify natural and manmade landmarks in their community (ie: fire station, grocery store, park, school, giant tree, etc.)
  • Students will reproduce those landmarks in Minecraft using a flat creative world.
  • Ages 8+: Students will demonstrate accuracy by developing a replica of landmarks in their region of a state or country.

Guiding ideas

  • Identify which things (or places) helped the characters quickly get to the laundromat.
  • Introduce the concept of landmarks, both natural and manmade.
  • Brainstorm some of the landmarks in our community on a T-chart signifying which landmarks are natural and which are manmade (*Helpful to have images of local landmarks to ensure students are discussing the same locations.)

Student activities

  Independent or cooperative group activity choices: Primary students:  
  • Create landmarks in Minecraft to mimic our community
  • Minecraft savvy students may work on their own to create an entire community; beginner Minecraft students may work in a group to create one group community.
  Ages 8+:   Divide the students into groups to create one classroom Minecraft “state” or “country”; groups can represent a geographic region.  
  • Students assigned to a geographic region must work to discover geographic and manmade landmarks from that region. • http://www.travelchannel.com/destinations/us/photos/50-states-50-landmarks • http://mrnussbaum.com/united-states/united_states_landmarks/
  • Students will recreate landmarks in their Minecraft region.

Performance expectations

  Evidence of Learning: Reflection of learning: Discussion during presentation, in small groups or written:  
  • Where are each of the landmarks located?
  • Which landmarks were natural and which were manmade?
  • Why did you pick the landmarks you presented?
  • What is that landmark’s significance to the region?
  • Which landmark was the most difficult to replicate? Why?
  • Which landmarks would you visit if you were able to travel to your region? Why?
  Primary Students:  
  • Presentation: Students act as a tour guide and show the community they created, while answering some of the questions above.
  Ages 8+:
  • Students develop their own question or fill-in- the-blank statement for each landmark. Gather all questions to create a class-developed scavenger hunt.
  • Alternatively: Scavenger hunt, either online or printed: http://mrnussbaum.com/united-states/united_states_landmarks/
  • Screenshots, or screencast, of landmarks created


  • Citizenship
  • Creativity
  • Critical thinking

Course Curriculum

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    • Landmarks In Our Community with Melody Brewer: Wednesday, October 6th. 12pm-2pm EST Unlimited

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Melody Brewer
United States


About Instructor

I was born in Wyoming and was very involved in sports. I was participated in choir and band along with theater. After graduation I didn’t want to go to college at the University like my classmates, so I went to Casper College and majored in music. I thought I could be a performance major and after I received my Associates, I flew to Los Angeles and attended Azusa Pacific University. Then reality hit and I saw how many people had amazing voices and a lot of money. I knew that I had to face reality and my mother was an incredible teacher. I kept thinking of the difference she made in not only kids but families lives. I decided to go back to the University of Wyoming (I couldn’t keep scrubbing toilets at 3:00 a.m. so I could go to school) and changed my major to Music Education. Because I changed my major, it did cost me another year, but I did love going to school at U.W. and did quite well. I did my Student Teaching at a Jr. High in Gillette, Wyoming with one of the most dynamic choir teachers I have ever seen. I learned a lot. I began teaching in Arizona as a K-6 General Music teacher and 4th through 8th grade Band Instructor. That was rough. I had to learn a lot about myself, my strengths, my weaknesses but I think it was probably what made me understand different cultures and teaching poverty. I taught for two years in Arizona and then moved back to Wyoming to teach Choir at a Jr. High. I taught choir and coached 3 sports for about 12 years before I decided I needed a change, so I went back to school while teaching and then started teaching computer classes, both Career and Computer Science. I also was the Yearbook advisor and FBLA advisor at my Jr. High school until I retired this past year.

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