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Through interactive games, students will learn about how to keep their identities safe online, as well as how to communicate with their peers without sharing personal or inappropriate information about themselves.

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16 hours

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June 14, 2021

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Through interactive games, students will learn about how to keep their identities safe online, as well as how to communicate with their peers without sharing personal or inappropriate information about themselves. Game/Play Project-Based STEM Online NGSS Minecraft

Learning Objectives

  1. Students will learn the appropriate behaviors of a good Digital Citizen, as well as which online behaviors.
  2. To gather information, practice exchanging ideas safely and respectfully, and make informed decisions based on group discussion.
  3. Learning objective: Students can answer explain what the United States Constitution is and why it is necessary.

Next Generation Standards

NGS.SS.3.5.1 The study of civics, citizenship, and government involves learning about political systems; the purpose of government and civic life; and the differing assumptions held by people across time and place regarding power, authority, governance, and law.
  • Explain the probable consequences of the absence of government and rules.
  • Describe the basic purposes of the government and the importance of civic life.
NGS.SS.3.5.3 Central to civics and citizenship is an understanding of the roles of the citizen within American constitutional democracy and the scope of a citizen’s rights and responsibilities.
  • understand that citizenship includes an awareness of the holidays, celebrations, and symbols of our nation,
  • examine what it means to be a good citizen in the classroom, school, home, and community,
  • identify and describe the rules and responsibilities students have at home, in the classroom, and at school.

Guiding ideas

What is a Citizen?  How does citizenship affect us in the classroom?  Why is citizenship, and government necessary?  Students will then participate in a series of activities, games, lessons, and/or instructions which introduce social concepts such as citizenship, government, democracy, and how we can apply those concepts not only to our classrooms but to our homes and the world around us. At the end of this project,  students will be able to work together to construct a functional constitution for learning in our classroom. Students will be able to explain what it means to be a citizen within a society, why government is important, and what kind of government the United States of America has.

Performance expectations

*Students are expected to give the decided signal when they have questions, either in the digital classroom or Microsoft TEAM meetings.   *Students are expected to complete the Digital Citizenship activity before moving on to any other activity in this project. This is to ensure students do not accidentally share sensitive or personal information during the first few activities, and that students are already familiar with what digital behaviors are and are not acceptable and safe. 1) Students will journal for the last 5-10 minutes of every class. 2) Students will follow the instructions they are given by both Ms. Miranda and the NPC's in the games they are playing. 3) Students will complete all assigned activities. 4) Students will sign and publish/complete all book and quill journals the same day they were assigned (unless otherwise stated). 5) Students are to turn in their work in the same chest in the digital classroom (or assigned chests in game) each day. 6) Students are to complete some projects on their own time, outside of class.


*Read at or below grade-level text; digital literacy and gaming, typing, video chat and messaging, social awareness and consciousness, finding answers within a text, reflective journaling, exploring surroundings to discover answers, communicating in order to gain information, debate, working in a group, working independently, collaboration.

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