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From Gamer to A+ STEM Student

Melody Brewer Teacher - EduMEE

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Esmeralda Vega EduMEE Teacher - EduMEE

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Jessica Ruiz EduMEE Teacher - EduMEE

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Kalee R. EduMEE Teacher - EduMEE

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Why teach with EduMEE


All classes are remotely held, using MS Teams – for video/audio, and Minecraft – for the actual learning projects.

Instructors earn 80 percent commission Logo - EduMEE

Good Commission

Because the teachers should be paid well, our program gives the teachers 80% of the money paid by students/parents.


The teachers are setting up their own schedules when they make their classes/projects available to students.

Share your knowledge and make a living doing what you love.

Teach with EduMEE

Teach with EduMEE

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More reasons to teach with EduMEE

With it’s 131 million users, Minecraft is known and loved by lots of K-8 students. We will ask them to replace the Zoom calls with Minecraft worlds.

EduMME is using Next Generation Science Standards and Next Generation Learning Standards as developed by New York State Education Deparment​​

Our courses are constructed as projects where the students play and learn in way thy want, appreciate and enjoy. No more school drama.