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Marissa Johnston

Position: US

Hi, my name is Marissa Johnston. For as long as I can remember I have loved kids and have worked with kids. From babysitting when I was younger to being a Teacher’s Assistant in my own Middle School. I majored in Elementary Education, and student teaching in First and Third Grade. Every job I have had has been working with kids. I did babysitting when I was in school for probably about ten years. After college I worked at My Gym Children’s Fitness Center, I was an E-learning nanny, and then I was a Teachers Assistant to Fifth and Sixth graders. I have always been drawn to people younger than me. Even spending summers in Michigan, I would play with my younger cousins. The kids I babysat, I probably spent more time at their house than my own whether or not I was babysitting. We would come up with so many different games and have movie nights. In my free time, I love doing jigsaw puzzles and coloring. For a while during the pandemic, I really got into diamond art.

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