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Taneesha Iqbal

Position: United States

About Instructor Taneesha Iqbal: I started out tutoring K-12 for two years and started teaching in the general education setting at a High School level. I primarily teach math as well as a little science. My main expertise is working with Special Education students. When I am not teaching, my go-to hobby is playing video games with my friends, which of course includes Minecraft.

Expertise: High School STEM teacher for Special Education

You can find courses with Taneesha Iqbal here: https://edumee.com/courses/

We are a K-8 STEM school/ tutoring service, using Project Based Learning based on Next Generation Standards. We connect teachers with their students while providing the most engaging learning environment. We know our students LOVE us (duh! – for them is just playing Minecraft), we also know our Teachers LOVE us (so easy to teach), and, finally, our Parents LOVE us – as they see their kids happy AND learning stuff.