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Jamie Mobberly
22 years ago


My name is Jamie Mobberly.  I have been involved in the education system for over the past 14 years. My most recent professional opportunities have allowed me to work diligently in the area of virtual learning. I have created and used google classroom with teachers and students. I have also been trained with Canvas. I have used blackboard in the past. I am currently supporting teachers in the classroom who will be teaching virtually to some students. As an Assistant Principal at Venetia Elementary, in Jacksonville, FL I mentored and served as a teacher evaluator for the school. I also mentored teachers in different areas of need such as classroom management, organization, and instructional small group strategies. I worked closely with the Special Education Department to help make certain that the students with special needs were able to access the correct curriculum along with being placed in the correct program in our public school system. I completed a weekly walkthrough to classrooms to move instruction and support teachers in both whole group and small group instruction. As a school leader, it is my responsibility to support teachers in all aspects of the profession.  In addition, I have served as a supervisor over the Special Education Department. I worked closely with supporting the Response to Intervention (RtI) process, which is an early intervention program that is implemented with students that are going through the process of possibly being staffed. During the school year 2018-2019, I worked diligently with my leadership team to ensure we were making decisions to increase student performance. We moved our school from a low performing C school to a high performing A school. This is very important. Student achievement is the end goal. We want to see our students become successful, by closing the achievement gap we are giving our students the necessary tools to be successful in life.

It is my belief that all children can learn, we have to find a way to get them there. I also believe in being a visible and transparent leader. Both students and staff should see the leader of a school as someone they can be motivated by, someone they trust and also believe in to bring their school to the vision they all are aspiring to meet.  As a Varying Exceptionalities Education Teacher in the state of Florida, I have worked with families to ensure that students with disabilities received the proper education and services under IDEA. I have also worked very closely with guidance counselors and social workers to ensure the safety and proper care of our students.  In addition to my tireless work within the educational community, I have also been involved in outside programs such as Surfers Healing which is a free program that works to enrich the lives of people living with autism by exposing them to the unique experience of surfing. I have also worked with the Special Olympics. It is my passion to be involved in all of these aspects of our community. I have seen firsthand, the daily challenges that our families face with adversity, miscommunication from outside services, and a lack of understanding of what rights adults and children with special needs have. I would like to see a change in our community locally and nationally. The needs of our community should be addressed for both children and adults. I currently hold a spot on the Charleston County Disabilities Board. This position allows me to focus on the community.  I look forward to working with you.


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