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Laila Thomas
21 years, 8 months ago


Laila’s appreciation and passion for learning and teaching came at an early age.  Teaching Saturday playschool activities at the age of 12, she had her first TA position at her British Secondary school by 15 and began teaching English and Math through cartooning at 18.  She is also academically excelled in that she began programming at 11, studied artificial intelligence at 16, 10 GCSE’s, 4 A’ Levels.  A very extensive BA and double Masters (which she completed simultaneously in 2.5yrs).  A BBA in marketing, management, computer information systems & operations system, MBA in marketing and management and an MIT in Applications development, plus several certifications with distinction.  She has  taught and tutored over 30 subjects, high stakes standardized tests and study skills. She has also taught for many years at both middle and high school level.   Her secret is her aggressive desire to learn and having a highly skilled memory system does provide a great tool.  She uses visual cues, technological mediums and traditional learning methods in order to provide the best possible results.  She works with students from K-12, undergrad, and grad, from different learning curves including those with ADD and dyslexia.

I truly do believe that education is a vehicle to pursue success. I enjoy teaching and facilitating the learning process. There is something amazing that happens when you watch a student learn and achieve understanding and in turn reach a higher grade or pursue further education.  I make teaching an understanding -I try my best to find how you can best learn and apply those methods that suit you. Everyone is different and deserves to learn the way that they achieve most out of and to excel.


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    We are a K-8 STEM school/ tutoring service, using Project Based Learning based on Next Generation Standards. We connect teachers with their students while providing the most engaging learning environment.We know our students LOVE us (duh! - for them is playing Minecraft), we also know our Teachers LOVE us (so easy to teach), and, finally, our Parents LOVE us - as they see their kids happy AND learning stuff.

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