Commutative Property Bed Wars!

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Commutative Property Bed Wars!

Build Minecraft math models that represent the commutative property of multiplication and use them in a mini-game with other players your age in Minecraft: Education Edition (Minecraft Education Edition for PC / Mac, iPad, Tablet, and Chromebook).

Teacher:  Marina Redlin

90 minutes per class


3-10 learners per class

Upcoming Classes: Friday 7 pm-8:30 pm (CST) February 10th, Thursday  12 pm-1:30 pm (CST) February 23rd, and Friday 12 pm-1:30 pm (CST) February 24th

About Course Commutative Property Bed Wars!

Multiplication problems are the same backward and forwards! Build Minecraft math models that represent the commutative property of multiplication and use them in a mini-game.


(Minecraft Education Edition for PC / Mac, Ipads, Tablets, Phones, and Chromebook)


This program requires basic proficiency with computers and some prior experience with Minecraft.


Like all EduMEE programs, this class offers a project-based, exploratory classroom environment that sits at the intersection of learning and playing. After all, kids learn the most when they’re having fun!

Opening Slideshow: On the slideshow, you will find pictures of Minecraft math models that show the commutative property of multiplication.

During the discussion you should talk about:

  • a. How these two models are related?
  • b. What are the number families?

Building the Sky Map

To set up the game map, students enter Minecraft World in Creative mode. Next, they will build six math models that show the commutative property of multiplication. These math models will be used as the game board and can be strategically used to build bridges to opponents’ beds and to defend your own bed. Students of the same colored beds are teammates. You are encouraged to strategically work together. No bedrooms: meaning you can not encase your bed in blocks. There must be at least one way in and one way out.

Peer Review

We will then need to check our work by flying around and peer reviewing our classmates’ math models.

Play Game

Best Practices: While there is not much math in the section of the lesson plan, it is by far the most important. It is in the gameplay where they get its meaning, and deeper thinking happens. For example, they will start thinking about how to use math to build strategically. However, the most important part is what it does for the students’ engagement across math.

By the end of this lesson you should:

  • Be able to build and explain six Minecraft math models that show the commutative property of multiplication.
  • Be able to label their Minecraft math models with correct equations on slates.
  • Be able to peer review the Minecraft math models and slates of others to check for accuracy.
  • Be able to add design purpose to their Minecraft math models by using them strategically in the game.


Students will be exploring concepts of Mathematics while playing a game of Minecraft. A US State-certified teacher will be guiding students through the lesson and posing guiding questions. Some of the 21st-century skills being taught are creativity and critical thinking.

This is a 1.5-hour course that balances discussion time with plenty of hands-on experience so students can cement what they’re learning and explore the topics they’re interested in. We combine Minecraft with education so your child can engage their passions as they learn in a positive, interest-driven environment. Please note that we will be providing all students with a username and Minecraft Education Account so that we can add them to our safelist. Students will also be checking in via MS Teams so we can have audio and video contact. Once video confirmation has been established students can turn off the camera and just use audio for communication during the game. 

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