Creating a Virtual Community with Melody Brewer


In this lesson, students will have an opportunity to compare working with a face-to-face group with a virtual group.

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What Will I Learn?

  • Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Critical thinking

About Course

Join Teacher Melody in Creating a Virtual Community! Students will have an opportunity to compare working with a face-to-face group to a remote one in Creating a Virtual Community.

Standards for Creating a Virtual Community

K.2 Children, families, and communities exhibit cultural similarities and differences.

1.3 A citizen is a member of a community or group. Students are citizens of their local and global communities.

1.6 People and communities depend on and modify their physical environment in order to meet basic needs.

2.1 A community is a population of various individuals in a common location. It can be characterized as urban,
suburban, or rural. Population density and use of the land are some characteristics that define and distinguish
types of communities.

2.2 People share similarities and differences with others in their own community and with other communities.

3.5 Communities share cultural similarities and differences across the world.

3.6 Communities from around the world interact with other people and communities and exchange cultural ideas
and practices.

Learning Objectives

Students will work together to create a Minecraft Community together to mimic their own community, neighborhood, or state.
Students will recognize aspects of working in a virtual group and begin practicing their cooperative group skills.

Performance expectations

Evidence of Learning :
Screenshots or screencasts of the Minecraft community
Written (or verbal) reflection of learning – make a T-Chart showing the differences and similarities between working in groups in the classroom and working in virtual groups. What worked well when trying to build our community?


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