Inspiring Self-awareness with Aileen Kuypers



Inspiring Self-awareness with Aileen Kuypers

Learning Objectives

Standard: Self-Awareness – Individual has the ability to identify their emotions, personal assets, areas for growth, and potential external resources and supports. Benchmark: Student demonstrates awareness and understanding of one’s own emotions and emotions’ influence on behavior. Benchmark: Student demonstrates awareness of personal and collective identity encompassing strengths, areas for growth, aspirations, and cultural and linguistic assets.

Guiding ideas for Inspiring Self-awareness

How do emotions influence our behavior?

Student activities for Inspiring Self-awareness

 In this lesson, students will build creative structures that help to illuminate their own emotions, and values, and highlight their strengths.

Performance expectations

Once completed, have students export their book & quill, which contains their journal entries and images of their creations. These can be saved as a PDF and shared with the teacher for review. If students are comfortable doing so, they could share their creations with the class. The student could describe verbally what they created, or do a show and tell using a smart board.


  • Character
  • Collaboration
  • Creativity

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