Supply and demand with Jake Compton

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Learn more about the economics of the fur trade with this Oregon Trail activity! Explore how monopolies and supply and demand economy work by looking at the different companies involved in this trade.



What Will I Learn?

  • Citizenship
  • Critical thinking
  • Project-Based Learning

About Course

Students will use Minecraft to view and build math models of base 10 subtraction problems.


Next Generation Standards Covered

Guiding Ideas

  1. What is regrouping?
  2. How does regrouping work with addition? a) Do an addition problem or two with them using the standard algorithm
  3. In addition, we regroup forward, is it possible to regroup backwards?

Debrief Questions

  1. How is regrouping the same and different between addition and subtraction?
  2. Can I trade in one $10 bills for ten $1 bill?

Performance expectations

The student should be able to:

  1. Build, regroup, and solve three base 10 subtraction math model.
  2. Make a video of themselves solving and subtraction problems with regrouping.
  3. Write the standard algorithm for subtraction along with their models.

Student Activities

  • Problem 1: Subtraction Regrouping not needed
  • Problem 2: Subtraction with Regrouping
  • Problem 3 Subtraction Regrouping Across Zero Bonus: Make a Video When a student finishes all three problems they will work together on the 4th problem.

Age level 

  • 8 – 10 years old  


  • Creativity
  • Critical thinking


  • Windows PC, Mac, Chromebook, or iPad
  • Access to  Minecraft Education Edition (included FREE with enrollment)

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