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Geometric figures


Students will learn about 2D geometric figures by creating dropper games in Minecraft.

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Students will learn about 2D geometric figures by creating dropper games in Minecraft. Game/Play NGSS courses Project-Based STEM Minecraft

Learning Objectives

Common Core Standards:

  • CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.4.G.A.1 Draw points, lines, line segments, rays, angles (right, acute, obtuse), and perpendicular and parallel lines. Identify these in two-dimensional figures.

Guiding Ideas

1) What is a line?

2) What is a ray?

3) What is a segment?

4) Compare and contrast lines, rays, and segments?

Student Activities


A “dropper” is a popular type of game users can play inside Minecraft. Players create a custom map in which the player will drop from a tall height past obstacles to safely reach a pool of water below.

Students will build, name, define, and identify points, lines, rays, and segments to create a dropper in Minecraft.

To begin, load the attached Minecraft world file for Points, Lines, Rays, and Droppers.

Step 1 Code the Dropper with the /fill command

To save time, students will use a slash command to quickly create the outside of their dropper, allowing them to focus on building their points, lines, and rays.

Speak to the first NPC and watch the video on the fill command. It is important that the students build their droppers at least 40 blocks away from each other so their droppers do not overlap. It’s a good idea not to let them go so far away that they can not see each other or starting area with the NPC videos.

Write the fill command in big letters on the board, remember

/fill ~ ~ ~ ~19 ~59 ~19 sealantern 0 hollow

1) all letters need to be lowercase

2) there is one space between tildas (~)

3) there is no space between tildas and numbers (~19)

Step 2 Put in Your Points

Have students watch the video in the 2nd NPC on points. Have students build and label several points inside the dropper.

Step 3 Put in Your Lines

A line is a straight edge that extends to infinity in both directions. Have students watch the video on lines and then send them to their dropper to build parallel and perpendicular lines as obstacles. Lines inside the droppers will extend from wall to wall.

Step 4 Put in Your Rays

A ray is like a line but has one endpoint and will extent to infinity on only one direction. Have the students watch the video on rays and build and label them inside their droppers. Build the ray from a wall to a point the student has put in during step 2.

Step 5 Put in Your Segments

A segment in a line cut off at two points and will not extend to infinity. Have the students watch the video in the NPC. Then they will build and label segments between to points that they made in step 2.

Step 6 Finishing Your Dropper

Have the students build a landing pool at the bottom of the dropper. They will need to put in an NPC to reset the game. Here’s how:

Place and edit an NPC. In the advanced options, add a command and type:

tp @p ~ ~59 ~

Label the button “RESET”. This command will teleport the player upwards 59 blocks. Test the NPC to make sure there’s something to stand on.

On the roof create a new “Start Game” NPC and code it with two buttons

Button 1) Start Game

gamemode 2 @p

spawnpoint @p

Button 2) Done

gamemode 1 @p

The “Done” button will put the player in creative mode so they can fly to another dropper.

Step 7 Play Test

After labeling the parts of your dropper, give it a try. Make sure it’s possible to complete before sharing with other students.

Performance Expectations

1) The student was able to name, define and identify points, lines, rays, and segments.

2) The student was able to code a working dropper.

3) The student was able design a challenging yet beatable dropper game.


  • Creativity
  • Critical Thinking


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