Basic Troubleshooting Guide

We are hoping you never have need for this page , but just in case… 
  1.  We can’t connect to the service you need right now..  
 If you receive this message – check on the ff: 
  • You only have one version of the application installed (Windows) 
  • Your connection is using a proxy server (Chromebook) 
  • Your firewall is not blocking any URLs required for launch. Refer to our IT admin guide for these URLs 
  1. In-game Library access  
We are unable to connect to the library, this can happen if your computer is offline, or access is blocked. The 3 possible reasons –  
  • The following URLs  needed to be allowed access from your network in order to access the library content.  
  1. https://* (Library/Demo Lesson) 
  1. https://* (Library/Demo Lesson) 
  • You do not have internet access or your web filter is blocking access. 
  • Our service for delivering content in the library is currently down. 
  • You have had our game running for an extended period of time (e.g. overnight) and you have lost connection with the library. We recommend you close and re-open the game and try to access the library again. 
  • You are on an older version of our game, 1.12 or earlier and need to update