EduMEE Class Structure

This article is designed to give teachers a guide to how EduMEE classes are structured. 

  • Classes will meet for 2 hour sessions. 
  • Every live session should not be longer than 2 hours in one sitting. 
  • Include mandatory “stretching”  breaks every forty minutes.
  • The maximum duration for a project should not be longer than Two Sessions(unless there is special permision). 

EduMEE Classes are Interactive 

  • EduMEE classes are conducted interactively in Minecraft Education Edition, and Teams including significant communication between students and their peers and students and their teacher.  
  • Before the class, teachers will need to understand and use basic Minecraft Classroom Management. This will include commands. classroom mode and special blocks.
  • We also suggest that teachers have two monitors to help with the interaction between Teams and Minecraft. 
  • Classes will begin in Microsoft Teams, where teachers will greet students, explain the rules of engagement for Teams and Minecraft, and discuss learning objectives and guiding questions. 
  • Teachers will need to explain how to switch back and forth from Teams and Minecraft, how to mute and unmute, and basic classroom rules for once you are all in the game together
  • The bulk of the class time will be the interaction and engagement in Minecraft. There will need to be time given to stretch every 40 mins during a 2 hour period. 

Video: How to Conduct a Class on EduMEE

Here is an infographic to show the flow of a typical class:

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