EduMEE Class Structure

This article is designed to guide teachers on how EduMEE classes are structured. 

  • Classes are one-time events that last 2 hours(min/Max).  
  • Students will meet with the teacher via a Teams Meeting link that will be sent before class starts
  • Classes are conducted using Microsoft Teams and M:EE
  • All classes must be recorded by the teacher and saved on Teams
  • Include mandatory “stretching”  breaks every forty minutes.

EduMEE Classes are Interactive 

Our goal is to be unique from other online school programs, in that we do not spend the bulk of our time in a video conference, but rather doing “hands-on” work in the Minecraft world. Your class should be play and inquiry-driven. Cover the standards well, but don’t let the students get bored. This is why we have 2-hour min and max for our classes. Children will need time to explore, and you will need time to speak to them, guide them and observe what they are learning. If you need longer to fully teach a standard, then have your class meet more often, or over a longer period. This is a new concept, so there will be trial and error. 

You will open and close in Teams, and leave Teams up so that everyone can hear each other as they play. Not all the children will be able to use the chat efficiently, so the audio is paramount. 
A typical class may look like this:

  1. One class should be 2 hours.
  2. The class will start with 15 -20 min on Teams, making sure:
    1. All students are in;
    2. The technology works;
      1. Teams
      2. Minecraft
      3. Establish the “Rule of Engagement” in the class
        1. The teacher will have a drawing with Mute / UnMute signs that will show students when they have to Mute/Unmute(or other props)
        2. Explain to students how they should be able to switch between Teams and MEE.
        3. The teacher should be able to use all class management features provided by MEE, including:
          1. Fences
          2. Freeze the game
          3. Teleport everyone to the same place
        4. Ideally, the Teacher will use two monitors (not mandatory)
          1. One for Teams
          2. One for MEE
    3. Discuss what the kids will learn in the class (the learning objectives).
    4. Any pre-teaching/review (just a few minutes)
    5. You will take a 20-minute break for stretching, restroom, etc. for every hour your class meets. This will give both the teacher and the students time to step away and regroup.  

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