FAQ: Teaching With Minecraft

How do I get started with Minecraft: Education Edition? Do I need to be an expert at Minecraft?

Begin your Minecraft journey with these easy steps:

What can I teach with Minecraft: Education Edition?

Much like the game Minecraft, Minecraft: Education Edition is designed to be a versatile and open platform. By utilizing the digital platform and classroom experience, students can also develop skills in collaboration, problem solving, communication, digital citizenship, and more. There is no limit to what students can learn in the game, and no limit to how the game can extend classroom learning. Checkout this blog post from teachers using Minecraft: Education Edition on Classroom management tips.

Does Minecraft: Education Edition offer built-in lesson plans?

A range of Minecraft lessons are available for educators to use across subjects and age levels. Each lesson includes learning objectives, activities, suggested reflection questions, and evidence of learning criteria.

Can a video game really be educational? Do you have any data to prove this is more effective than traditional lesson plans in the classroom?

Video games are a great way to engage students and personalize lessons. For more information about research on game-based learning, you can download our resources here.

What is a Minecraft Global Mentor? How do I get this badge?

Minecraft Global Mentors provide feedback on Minecraft: Education Edition (and related products) and come from around the world. At the beginning of each year we’ll post information on how to join. EduMEE