Guidelines for Teacher Profile Video

Your teacher profile video will be a tool to help market your class to parents. This is a chance to highlight your personality and show your professionalism.

Guidelines for your profile video

  • Recommended: 30-90 seconds in length (required: 10 seconds – 5 minutes long)
  • Clearly show your face for at least part of the video
  • Speak clearly and in an engaging manner
  • Good lighting
  • No background noise

You can easily create a professional, high-quality video using your computer or smartphone. You will work with our Video Editor to record a video using Teams and she will edit it and post it for you.

Below are some tips to help you make a great video:

Audio/Visual and setup

  • Audio: Make sure you can be heard clearly with no background noise. Typically headphones or an external microphone will produce good quality sound
  • Video: Smartphones and laptops will do the trick, or you can use a digital camera if you have one.
  • Framing: Place your camera or device at eye level on a stable surface to capture your full face and head. If you don’t have a tripod, use a stack of books or a box to achieve the desired height. Don’t hold your phone or camera in your hand as it will produce a shaky video, and be sure to shoot horizontally.
  • Lighting: Your face should be well-lit either by natural light or by lamps. If you can move your lamp, place the light directly in front of you, a few feet away.
  • Setting: Give yourself a neat and clean background. Make sure that you don’t have clutter or anything else unprofessional behind or around you. You are welcome to add scenes/screenshots from your Minecraft Worlds or Minecraft profile character if you will be editing your video.

What to say

  • Introduce yourself with your full name.
  • Briefly go over your professional background. Mention any experience or education that will help build your credibility as a teacher.
  • State the topics or specific classes you are teaching, explaining why you’re a great person to teach these.
  • Describe your teaching style or philosophy around teaching.
  • Be friendly and connect with parents and their learners. Tell a fun fact about yourself or what you’re interested in.
  • The profile video should be used to introduce yourself as a teacher and is not intended as a demo lesson.

Other tips

  • Create a short script and read it aloud before recording. This will help you sound more natural on camera. The editor can also help you with this, but be prepared.
  • You don’t have to get it right on the first take. Give yourself a few chances to feel comfortable. The Video Editor will help you with this.
  • If you want to edit your video to add photos, music, or anything else, you are welcome to do so; however, it is not required. Talk to the editor about what you would like and see what is available.

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