How to Cancel a Class

What to do if you can no longer teach a class with enrolled students

In this article, we will explain how you can cancel a class.

How to cancel your class

We understand that sometimes situations arise that make it impossible to teach a scheduled class with enrolled students. Teachers are responsible for canceling any classes with students. If at all possible, please do so at least 24 hours before a class is set to start.
  1. Contact EduMEE schooling Inc. and let a staff member know you will be canceling.
  2. Post to the Teams of the class letting parents know why you are canceling. The message that you write here will be sent to all of the parents with enrolled students, so it’s best to provide a good amount of context and potential next steps
  3. Explicitly cancel the class so that future students cannot enroll. You will have to let EduMEE know that the class needs to be canceled.  Note that once you cancel the class, students will not be able to see the classroom page or receive email notifications so it’s important to do these steps in this order.
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