Keyboard & Mouse Controls

Essential Commands

Learn how to move around with one of the most common interfaces for Minecraft: Education Edition, a keyboard and mouse.

Moving around Minecraft

W – Move forward A – Strafe left S – Move backward D – Strafe right CONTROL – Sprint


  • Jump by pressing the spacebar when walking.
  • Hop to the block in front of you up by pressing space bar and W at the same time.
  • Hint: This is great for moving up staircases.
  • When swimming, the spacebar will bring you to the surface.
  • Hint: When playing in Survival mode, you can’t hold your breath under water forever! Use the spacebar to catch a breath.
  • Fly in Creative mode by pressing space bar twice
  • Use these tips when trying to get somewhere quickly:
  • Press space bar once more and you’ll levitate upwards.
  • Press space bar twice again to drop back to the ground.
  • When on the ground, press shift to crouch down and sneak.
  • When in the air (Creative mode), press shift to fly downwards.
Mouse controls 1 – Attack/Destroy 2 – Pick block. In Creative mode, “2” will place a copy of the target block in your Hotbar. 3 – Use item/place block Other useful buttons ESC – Returns you to the menu and then back to the game. Q – Drops the item you are carrying. E – Opens and closes your inventory. In creative mode, you can view all the building blocks at your disposal this way. C – Opens Code Builder. T – Opens the chat window. Press RETURN to send a message. / – Opens the chat window with a / already typed. This is handy to quickly enter commands. 1-9 – Selects the appropriate slot in the Hotbar. F1 – Toggles the interface visibility. This is handy when you want to take a screenshot. F5 – Changes your player perspective. Toggle to select from the following: First Person → Third Person Rear → Third Person → back to First Person Changing settings If these keyboard settings are non-intuitive, you can change them. You can also see how to move around with a controller, a touch interface, or modify any or all of these settings:
  • Press ESC to return to the menu.
  • Select Settings
  • Scroll down to Controls and click on the desired interface.
  • Modify as needed – if you make a mistake or want to go back, you can find the reset button to change everything back at the bottom of the list.
  • No need to save, the settings are updated automatically. Find out what works best for you!
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