Learning with special needs at EduMEE

Advice for teachers and parents 


  • If you hold a special education certification or licensure, please list it on your profile. 
  • If you have worked with special ed cases or have experience teaching any unique learning ability or special needs students, please mention it in your profile.  
  • If you want to hold a class for a focused group of differently-abled students, you can create a section just for them or create a new class altogether using the learning strategies for the entire group. 


Many teachers have a background in teaching children with various abilities. Others may be open to it. If there is a class you like, message the teacher directly and see if they are open to making accommodations within their existing classroom for your child based on their needs.   If you want to enroll directly in an existing section, you can message the teacher at the time of enrollment with any context or tips they should have about your student.  If you wish to have a section for your child and his/her friends of similar learning abilities to learn together, you can ask the teacher to set up a private section and share the link with your child’s friends and have a class designed exclusively for them.   Remember as the parent you know what is best for your child, inclusive classrooms or special learning adaptations. Whatever you choose, we at EduMEE are here to support you through your child’s education in the best way we can.   About EduMEE