Minecraft Classroom Mode


Classroom Mode for Minecraft can be installed on Windows 10 or MacOS devices. Below are the installation instructions for each platform.  To install Classroom Mode for Minecraft on Windows 10:
    1. Download the latest version of the application here:


    1.   Run ClassroomModeSetup.msi
    1.   If prompted, select “More Info” and “Run Anyway”
    1.   Install with default settings 
Classroom Mode for Minecraft should place a Classroom Mode for Minecraft icon on your desktop. It will also appear in your Start Menu as “Classroom Mode for Minecraft” under a folder titled “Minecraft Education Edition”.  To install Classroom Mode for Minecraft on MacOS:
    1. Download the latest version of the application here: https://education.minecraft.net/companion-app-download/
    2.  Open Classroom_Mode_For_Minecraft.pkg
    1.  Select “Continue” and “Install” as you progress through the menus
When the installation is complete, the application appears as “Classroom Mode for Minecraft” in your Applications folder.

Getting Started

 Now that you have installed Classroom Mode we need to get you connected to a Minecraft Client. Following these steps will get you well on your way to managing your first Minecraft: Education Edition game. To connect Classroom Mode for Minecraft as a teacher, you may see games available on your network. If you are a student, or if you see no games available, follow the below instructions.
    1.  From the main window, select “Waiting Room”
    1. From the Minecraft: Education Edition client, run the command given to you in Classroom Mode for Minecraft
    1. Please make sure you have only one “/” at the beginning of this command, depending on your device you may be able to copy and paste it directly into Minecraft: Education Edition


You’ve installed Classroom Mode for Minecraft. You’ve connected to the Minecraft: Education Edition client. So now what? Below, you will find a handy list of features to play around with. Feel free to experiment with each feature in order or start with a feature that interesting. Classroom Mode for Minecraft supports a variety of ways to teleport players around a world. One option available is to teleport all players to a specific location on the map. To accomplish this, simply right-click anywhere on the map (left image). You will see a pop-up “Teleport All Here”. Simply select this item and all players will teleport to those coordinates. Another option is to drag and drop a player to a point on the map (right image). Finally, you can type in the teleport command where it says “Type Your Message Here” which is “/tp” followed by a destination player name or a destination set of X Y Z coordinates. Classroom Mode for Minecraft also supports toggles for various game modes that affect the world.
  • Fall Damage prevents players from incurring heath damage due to a fall.
  • Drowning Damage allows players tobe underwater without incurring heath damage.
  • Fire Damage prevents players from receiving health damage due to lava or fire.
*Note that TNT damage will still cause harm to a player. On the right-hand panel, there are two areas of information: Player Roster The Player Roster has a color-coded list of players in that particular world. *Note that each player will have a unique color given to them. This color is shared on the map, as both their player name and their player icon have the same color. Chat Window Below the Player Roster, the Chat window also has these colors applied. A teacher can also type in both chat and slash commands into the Chat Bar at the bottom of the window to communicate and affect the world. Classroom Mode for Minecraft includes a time of day indicator to help educators know whether it is daytime or nighttime in the Minecraft world. When it is nighttime, the clock will show as black, and during the daytime, the clock will show as light blue with a yellow sun moving across. Finally, the Minecraft world map is available. To navigate the map, you can scroll up and down to zoom the map in and out to gain the right view. Above the map, you will see the X Y Z coordinates where your cursor is on the screen. You can also pan the map as needed. Note that large black areas of the map are parts of the world that have not been loaded or discovered yet by players. They will appear once players travel to these locations.

Connecting Classroom Mode for Minecraft Video

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