Parent FAQ


Common questions and answers from prospective Edumee families 


Q. What is Edumee and how does it work? 

We are a STEM school/ tutoring service, using Project Based Learning based on Next Generation Standards, with a clear mission: delivering learning through gaming. We serve students ages 6-18 and still in school. EduMEE offers both part time courses as well as a full-time school option.   EduMEE connects highly skilled and certified teachers with PreK – 8 STEM students while providing them the most engaging environment, using Project Based and Next Generation Standards.  Students use Minecraft and Microsoft Teams to access their daily lessons, which include all the information and resources required for successful completion. They can also:  
  1. Submit their assignments    
  1. Participate in live classes in Minecraft  
  1. Join interactive discussions about their subjects  
  1. Connect with their teachers and reach out for extra help whenever they need it  
  1.  experience online clubs and special events    

Q. How much does it cost? 

Part-time classes are priced at between $2.50 and $5.00 per hour. Full-time will have set tuition that will be paid monthly (More information on this soon!)

Q. How do I purchase courses or enroll my child? 

  1. Sign up. Simple as that. Won’t take long. 
  2. Find. Find the projects you like. 
  3. Enroll Let our teachers guide you. 
  4. Pay. Pay on the EduMEE website for your course using Paypal 
  5. Enjoy. Even scientists have fun! 

Q. How many of my children can use EDUMEE at a time? 

You can enroll as many students as you wish. Each student will need access to a device that is Minecraft accessible. Classes have a limit of 29.


Q. What are the benefits of EduMEE compared to other online learning programs?  Children love to play, and EduMEE is learning while playing in Minecraft. We have taken one of the most popular games children play and placed certified teachers in the game to teach through play. It is the best of both worlds!

Q. Is the EDUMEE program accredited?  

No. Not currently. Q. What subjects will my child study?  Language arts, math, science, history, music, and art are the core courses. There will also be other courses in the appropriate grade levels. 

Q. What are EDUMEE’s education standards? 

EduMEE uses Next Generation Standards for math, science, and English Language Arts. For other subjects we will use Common Core standards. We use NGS because the are the most advanced and highest quality learning standards for students to use.  

Q. Does my child have to participate in state standardized testing?  

Not at this time.

Q. How does the EDUMEE program teach reading? 

Each individual teacher will create instruction based on Next Generation Standards and Project-Based Learning to teach reading at the appropriate grade level. Teachers are actively involved in each class at EduMEE and courses are not asynchronous.  

Q. What is the parent’s role? 

EduMEE teachers and staff work hard to support student learning. Teachers are interacting live with students online and are always just a chat, e-mail or phone call away. However, they do not have eyes and ears directly with students in their learning setting (typically at home). To meet this need for “on site” support, EduMEE requires the designation of a parent, relative or other trusted adult who is available at home (at a comfortable distance).    

Q. What is the role of the teacher? 

EduMEE Teacher are highly qualified professionals with specific expertise in k-12 education. EduMEE teachers oversees all facets of the instructional experience. They are interacting with students through Minecraft Education Edition to teach specific subject matter based on Next Generation Standards. Throughout the course, the teacher stays in close contact with the parent and student, communicating regularly in chat, school e-mail, over the phone, and in one-to-one, real-time meetings that take place online.  Q. What computer skills are required?  Very basic computer skills. Students will have a chance to learn the game and the controls.

Q. Will my child be sitting in front of a computer all day? 

Students will be working in Minecraft Education Edition for most of the class. Teachers will also use Teams to manage other aspects of the class. All courses are through gaming and highly interactive. Teachers may also require some aspects of class that will be completed “offline” as well.   Q. Will EDUMEE work for children with special needs? What about gifted children?  Many teachers have a background in teaching children with various abilities. Others may be open to it. If there is a class you like, message the teacher directly and see if they are open to making accommodations within their existing classroom for your child based on their needs.   If you want to enroll directly in an existing class, you can message the teacher at the time of enrollment with any context or tips they should have about your student.  Remember as the parent you know what is best for your child, inclusive classrooms or special learning adaptations. Whatever you choose, we at EduMEE are here to support you through your child’s education in the best way we can.  


Q. How do students interact socially?  Students are given the opportunity to actively communicate with teachers and students while playing and chatting in Minecraft. This is where the bulk of the class will take place.   In the future, we hope to provide our full-time students the opportunity to be involved in clubs and organizations.  Learn/Game – Project-Based STEM NGSS Online Minecraft lessons