Photo guidelines

Picking a great image for classes and profiles 

Your picture is the first impression that parents will see when deciding to enroll their students in a class. We want to put our best image on the teacher section of our page to show that we are professional educators that parents can trust to teach their children. We will make this section of our page look as uniform and professional as possible, and that is why we ask for a specific type of profile picture. Here are some tips. 

Image content 

  • Choose an image that is visually compelling and relevant to the class topic. 
  • If the image includes significant amounts of text, it may receive less promotion 
  • Your image should generally be ‘family-friendly’ and appropriate for children 
  • Your image should not depict violence, nudity, or symbols of hate 

Profile Images 

  • Choose a professional-looking photo 
  • Use a high-resolution image 
  • Show a clear image of your face 
  • Be the only person in the photo