In this article we will explain when a refund will occur and how the process will work. 

Terms and guidelines for receiving refunds on class purchases.

It’s important to us that everyone has a positive experience learning with EduMEE.

Full Refunds

The following situations guarantee parents a full refund. Please contact us at if you need additional help with a refund for any of these reasons:

  • Parents receive a full refund if they withdraw from a class of any type within 24 hours of purchase. Note that the 24-hour refund window only applies until the class’s start time.
  • Parents receive a full refund if the teacher cancels in advance of the class’s first meeting time.
  • In the event that a teacher misses a one-time class meeting, parents may request a full refund, or wait for the teacher to reschedule the class.
  • In the event that a teacher changes the date or time of a class meeting before the class’s start date, parents may request a full refund.

Additional Policies

  • If your learner misses a class meeting, you are not entitled to a refund. Your teacher may, however, transfer your learner to another available class at their discretion.
  • If your learner has not joined the meeting 10 minutes after the class’s start time, the meeting may be canceled, at the teacher’s discretion. This is considered a missed meeting and you are not entitled to a refund.
  • Refunds are not guaranteed in the event that your learner misses a past or future class meeting due to a schedule conflict.
  • Donations made on EduMEE will not be refunded.
  • Refunds can only be issued to the original form of payment used for your purchase on EduMEE, and they cannot be issued to a different card. In the case that the original card is closed or no longer active for any reason, you may need to contact your bank or credit card company to retrieve the funds. In select cases, you may not be able to retrieve your refund, but we will offer you a gift card or apply a credit to your EduMEE account instead. Our team will provide you with specific guidance in these cases.

Note that in the rare case a parent requests an excessive number of refunds, they may be disqualified from receiving future refunds.