Reporting Tech Issues

How to effectively notify EduMEE about software or website issues.

At EduMEE Schooling Inc., we’re continually making improvements to the teacher experience by adding new features, improving existing functionality, and fixing bugs. We truly appreciate it when teachers notify us of problems on the website; we learn about many major issues from teacher reports and work to fix them as quickly as we can.  Teachers may also notify us when they are having trouble with school Microsoft products, and Minecraft: EE, and we can put you in contact with the appropriate help. If you suspect that you’re experiencing a technical issue, please email us at The more detail you can include in your report, the easier it is for our team to confirm the issue and pass it along to our team to fix. In order to help us work as efficiently as possible, please include the following information when you write in about a software issue:
  • The name of the program, or a link to the page you experienced the issue with
  • The names of any involved parents or students.
  • The browser and device that you used.
  • What exactly you did when you saw the error.
  • If you still see the issue when accessing, Minecraft: EE, Microsoft Office 365 on a different browser or device.
  • If possible, a screenshot or screen recording of the issue.