Student Safety and Privacy: For Parents

Resources for you and your family 

EduMEE classes are only open to children ages 6-18, and student safety is our top priority  To that end, as an EduMEE parent we ask that you: 
  • Help your children learn and practice positive classroom behaviors before class starts. This includes helping them understand the basic features of Minecraft and Teams, which will allow them to engage respectfully in class without distracting other students. 
  • Review the Student Code of Conduct with your children before they attend their first class. 
  • Supervise your students (from a comfortable distance) while they attend class, until you’re confident they can participate safely and respectfully on their own. For older students, this may take just a few minutes. For younger students, or those with behavioral challenges, you may need to be nearby for every class.
  • Make sure your student connects with each new teacher at least once with video enabled to allow the teacher to confirm your student’s identity. This can be a quick check-in at the beginning of the first class meeting and is required to promote classroom safety. We encourage students to enable their audio/video during the rest of class to create a more social experience for all students, but it’s not required.  
You can learn more about digital saftey from following resources:  Be Internet Awesome  Internet privacy, safety, and behavior tips from Google.