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The EduMEE Mission and Values

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Mission Statement 

Delivering high-quality learning through gaming.

School Values and Commitments 

The following values and commitments describe how EduMEE and its students will work together to meet the above mission.   

 School Culture

All EduMEE students, parents, faculty, and staff participate in learning as a lifelong process and actively support the learning of others.  

  1.   Students are actively engaged in their academic coursework. 
  1. Parents and student advocates utilize EduMEE tools and resources to monitor and motivate student learning. 
  1. Faculty and staff work to design and implement programs and services that improve student achievement. 
  1. Faculty engages in ongoing individual professional improvement. 


Success is achieved by collective and individual engagement. 

  1.   Students show activity within their courses in an appropriate amount of time. 
  2. Students complete their courses within the specified amount of time. 
  3. Students are given the opportunity to be involved in clubs and organizations. 
  4. Parents, guardians, and school officials are engaged with their students’ education. 
  5. Students are given the opportunity to actively communicate with teachers and school community. 


All EduMEE students are supported by faculty and staff who provide meaningful learning experiences and opportunities for individual academic success. 

  1. Students are supported by faculty and staff who are proficient in their content area and use a variety of instructional strategies.    
  2. Students utilize instructional tools designed to promote academic honesty and achievement.    
  3. Faculty creates connections with students through meaningful content, personalized feedback, and individual support.    
  4. EduMEE ensures student success by providing continued supervision and support of faculty and analysis of instructional strategies. 


All EduMEE students, parents, faculty, and staff view their role as critical to attaining a common mission: Delivering high-quality learning through gaming.  

  1. Students, parents, faculty, and staff are provided appropriate resources and services to meet the needs of students. 
  2. EduMEE conducts regular programmatic evaluations of student performance to inform school improvement. 
  3. EduMEE works with the parent organization to enhance organizational collaboration in support of student achievement. 
  4. EduMEE staff leverages opportunities for sharing, communication, and collaboration to develop a broader sense of the EduMEE community. 


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