Teacher FAQ

A Quick Overview for Potential Teachers FAQ

Q. What does EduMEE offer for teachers? 

We offer a platform for teachers to create and deliver online classes using Minecraft: Education Edition. This includes: 

  • Access to our community of students 
  • Secure online payments 
  • Minecraft certification and access to M: EE training 
  • Responsive support via chat and email 

We do our best to simplify operations, so you can focus on crafting your class experience in Minecraft. 

Q. Are teachers given a specific topic to teach through Minecraft and then students sign up for that specific class?

  • Your earnings will depend on what your classes cost, and how many people sign up. EduMEE collects a 10% service fee from all paid enrollments. We will send your payment 7-10 days after your class is scheduled to start. Payment is via Paypal to an email address you specify.  You will need to pay tax on your earnings and report them appropriately. 

Q. How are teachers paid? Or do we set our own price?

  • Teachers are paid when parents purchase their class, we use Paypal or Stripe. Teachers do set their own prices with ion the guidelines of $5 dollars per hour/per student for the premade classes. 

Q. Can I use EduMEE to promote classes that are sold elsewhere? 

  • No. All attending students must be enrolled through the EduMEE website.   

Answers to some commonly asked questions from new EduMEE teachers. 

Congratulations on being approved to teach on EduMEE Schooling Inc.!  You made it through the teacher onboarding, but now you may be wondering what’s next. We put together a few commonly asked questions from new teachers below: 

Q. Can I jazz up the pre-created class names?

A. Yes. You will need to have your new title approved before it can be posted, by submitting it to your Mentor or other applicable EduMEE staff member.

Q. Can I have multiple sections of the same course with different age groups and therefore scaffolded content? 

A.Yes, you can take any course and modify it to accommodate a variety of learners, make them age-appropriate, and target grade-specific Standards for an age group.

Q. Are 5 hours of content what we are aiming for in each course, or is that just the template default you all used? 

A. Your courses must be at 2 hours per meeting with breaks. Part-time(tutoring classes) classes will run from 1-2 weekly meetings(meeting once a week). (Full-term courses coming soon.)  

Q. How long do we meet with our class?

A. Each class will meet for 2 hours total. 

QDo the students and teachers get a break during those 2 hours?

A. Every live session should not be longer than 2 hours in one sitting. Include mandatory “stretching”  breaks after forty minutes.

QHow many weeks will one course run?

A. The maximum duration for a part-time supplementary(tutoring) course should not be longer than two weeks. Future full-term courses TBA

QHow many times per week can I meet with students?

A. A teacher can schedule to meet once per week for a project.

QCan I teach the same course to more than one group of students at a time?

A. Yes, the Same project sessions can be offered multiple times. You can teach the course on other days, or time slots to other groups of children.

Q. What should I charge for my courses?

A. For the pre-made supplemental courses you will set an hourly rate between $2.50-$5 per student.

Q. How many students will be in my class?

A. You are allowed up to 29 students. However, you can make a smaller class if you feel more comfortable with that. It will reduce how much you can earn, but you can offer that same class multiple times to other groups of students. Really it is up to you. Here are some suggestions: 

  • For ages 6 and under, you may want to stay at 10 students or less. 
  • For ages 6-12, you might want to keep it under 15 students.  
  • Finally, for age 12 and above, class sizes can go up to 18+ students. 

Again these are just suggestions that might help with management and engagement. 

Q. What if my subject does not have NGS, should I use Common Core?

A. For Math, ELA, and Science you will use the NGS. For the arts, you will use the National Core Arts Standards, and for everything else, you will use the Common Core.

Q. How am I expected to monitor progress and keep grades.

A. You will be using Microsoft tools and Teams to keep records of your students. Read this article about grades in Teams and this one about using Microsoft products for education.
You will mostly be using observation and these Assessment Tools in Minecraft: EE. EduMEE will use a Mastery based grading method, which means
the goal is to have a student master a standard, or many standards.

Q. How do I set my availability/schedule?

A. You will send your desired schedule to me or Jessica and we will add it to the website. In the future, we plan to have this feature available for teachers to modify.

Q. Do I have to teach at a set time?

A. No, you can make your own schedule. Most students are based in the US, and many are learning from home and are available to take classes during the school day. However, there are also many students seeking classes in the afternoons, evenings, and weekends – and hopefully, soon we will also offer courses to students who are based around the world.

Q. When will I start receiving students?

A. Once parents enroll students in your class we will alert you. You can set a minimum number of students that need to be enrolled before you will begin the class.  We are a brand new company and doing our best to bring in students for your classes, we appreciate your patience as we are building something together. 

If you have other questions about lessons please add them to the discussion below.  

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