Teacher: Getting Paid

Understanding how teachers are compensated

EduMEE Schooling Inc.’s business model is to take a service fee each time a student enrolls. EduMEE Schooling Inc. takes 20% of the parent’s payment, and teachers receive 80%. This means that EduMEE Schooling Inc. only earns when you earn, and our incentives are aligned. Both EduMEE Schooling Inc. and teachers are supported by parents enrolling.  In the spirit of this arrangement, all class fees must be paid through the EduMEE Schooling Inc. platform.

Payout details

We send course payouts to teachers using PayPal. The payout amount for each course is 0.8 * (price * number of students). You will receive payment for a course 7 or 8 days after its start date. Payments begin processing at 10 am PST each day from EduMEE Minecraft Schooling, Inc You’ll see a field called PayPal Email in your teacher settings. You can then provide the email address associated with the PayPal account where you wish to receive payments. Please note that you will need to sign up for PayPal if you don’t already have an account. We recommend linking your bank account to PayPal and choosing the standard transfer option to transfer funds out of PayPal. This will allow you to avoid incurring the 1% instant transfer fee that results from linking a debit card. See this article from PayPal’s support center for more information.

Sending money back to EduMEE Schooling Inc.  

Sometimes there are cases where you will need to issue a refund to a parent after you have already been paid out for that class and no longer have the ability to perform any refund actions from your end. When this happens, we will need you to send back your 80% of refund to EduMEE Minecraft Schooling, Inc via PayPal, using the send money feature. EduMEE Schooling Inc. will cover the 2.9% sending fee, so you don’t need to worry about adding that on to your payment. Once we receive this payment, we will then issue the refund from our end. We want to ensure that parents receive their refunds in a timely manner, so failure to send your payment right away could result in restriction and removal. If we don’t receive your payment after one week, it will result in a warning. After two weeks without payment, it will result in a suspension in which we will unlist your classes and we will not approve any new ones. Support Page