Teacher Social Media Policy

EduMEE’s requirements for teacher behavior on social media. 

When you join the EduMEE Minecraft Schooling Inc. (EduMEE) community, you’re agreeing to follow our policies, including our community standards. Those expectations include thoughtful and professional communications with our community (colleagues, parents, children), modeling appropriate behavior for our students, and acting professionally.  Here are some guidelines to use when engaging in activity on EduMEE-affiliated groups and in any online forum: 
  • Keep our community dialogue safe and inviting: Don’t instigate, bully, or cause unnecessary conflict. 
  • Be respectful: This includes comments about students, teachers, parents, or EduMEE Schooling Inc. staff. 
  • Be kind: Don’t share content that contains threats of violence, or endangerment of children. 
  • Follow our Privacy Policy: Don’t share any personally identifiable information or pictures about parents or students–that includes descriptions of them, voices, names, conversations. 
Additionally, if you are concerned about your privacy, be sure to configure privacy settings to reduce visibility on your personal pages. While this can help you keep your personal life separate, we also caution that anything shared online could ultimately end up in the public realm. When EduMEE becomes aware of online behavior (whether on an EduMEE – affiliated forum or a personal social media account) that violates this policy or our Community Standards, we may remove teachers from the platform. In addition, EduMEE  reserves the right to monitor and remove any content posted on an EduMEE S – affiliated forum for any reason.