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Standards for class listings

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How to get your classes approved and published 

EduMEE Schooling Inc. reviews each new class listing before publishing, to help you succeed and to ensure that we are featuring only high-quality content on the site. Follow these guidelines to get your classes approved! 

Your Audience 

A class listing is written primarily for parents. Many parents will also show your listing to their students before they decide to enroll. Each listing should stand on its own: it may be the first EduMEE page that parent has ever seen. It is often the first impression that parent has of you as a teacher, so it’s worth taking an extra pass: revise, get spelling and grammar right, find a good image. EduMEE Schooling Inc. classes should not be deceptive, sensationalized, or misleading and should adhere to our class content policy. 

Course Names 

Choose a compelling course title. Titles should not refer to the target age range or the length of the class.  The only exception is if you are offering the same lesson plan to different age ranges, in which case the title can distinguish between age ranges like so: “Introduction to Desert Invertebrates (Ages 10-13).”  Class titles should be in title case.  For example, “Creative Writing: Mysteries,” or “Introduction to Desert Mammals.” Titles should not be in UPPERCASE, should use at most one exclamation mark, and should not contain any emojis – either pictures or made with punctuation, e.g. ;).   

It is important that the title is descriptive of what your class will be covering.  It’s ok to include a catchy phrase to help your listing stand out, but the title should not be sensationalized and should clearly outline the content of your class.  See the examples below for some dos and don’ts: 


This title doesn’t describe what the class is about, it includes emojis, it is in all-caps, and it has too many exclamation points.  This title does not look professional, and can be confusing to families looking to enroll. 

Tale of Fire and Fury: an Exploration of the Eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. 

This title includes a fun reference for older students but still describes what the class will cover.  All of the words are in title case and the title is free of emojis and excessive punctuation.   

Photo of Your Minecraft World 

Every listing needs a photo!  You will be using a screenshot from the Minecraft World your class will be working in.  If you use other images we require you to use images that you own or that are licensed for commercial use.  Many images online are copyrighted and are not available for reuse.  Creative Commons makes it easy to find images available for commercial use. They can be found at

Course Description 

The course description is a summary of your course and should be a single sentence or phrase describing the class.  Along with the title, this is the main way to interest parents in your class.  The summary should be clear and descriptive rather than a teaser.  Think of this section as a 1-sentence class description that parents will see on the Find Classes page and in Facebook ads.  This section can also highlight keywords to help prospective parents find your class.  This section should not contain any words in UPPERCASE, any excessive punctuation, or any emojis (either made with parenthesis, like :), or pictures, like? ). Emojis can be included as necessary in the class description. 

Age Range 

EduMEE Schooling Inc.’s policy is that class age ranges not exceed 5 years. We find that students are uncomfortable taking classes with kids who are much younger/older than them, so this promotes a more productive teaching environment. 

Curriculum (Lesson Details) 

This should contain all the detail a parent might want that is not handled by other fields.  The longer the class, the more detail there should be.  If you are offering a half hour class, it’s fine to have a few sentences.  If you’re offering a semester long course, then there should be much more detail about the curriculum.  A class that meets eight or more times should have a description of at least 200 words. Class experience sections should be professionally written and free of errors. Multi-week classes should specify what topics are covered during each week. 

Topics to cover in the class experience section include: 

  • What will be taught? What topics will you cover? How is your class structured? 
  • Student Activities 
  • Any required experience or knowledge that students should have 

Learning Goals 

Use this optional section to highlight what students will take away from your class by the end.  These can be curriculum objectives, standards that the class will meet, or skills and/or techniques over which the students will gain mastery.   

Alignment to Next Generation Standards 

How will your class align with Next Generation Standards? All courses at EduMEE begin with the Next Generation Standards. You will provide those standards and a brief description. 


Here, you can describe what sort of tools you will use to assess progress or gauge student mastery over the skills and topics covered.  You can also give parents an idea of what the progress assessment will look like (e.g. a letter grade, written report, informal assessment, etc).EduMEE uses Project -Based Learning and you can find more information on how to incorporate standards based assessments in PBL here. You can read more about assessments and PBL here.  

Teacher Bio 

This section is your chance to tell parents what makes you a great teacher for this class and why you are excited to teach it! You can include any relevant experience or expertise you have here. The class content should always match the expertise in your profile. This will be about 300-400 characters max.  

Class Size 

We recommend small classes for a better learning experience, especially for younger students. All classes are capped at 29 students. 


Classes cannot be free, and we enforce a minimum price of $2.50-$5/hour. Prices should be round numbers.  For example, $19 or $20, not $19.99. Teachers may not refer to where their earnings will go in their class listings, i.e. “earnings from this class will go to charity X.” 

Grammar and Spelling 

Listings should use excellent grammar.  If the class listing features spelling and grammar mistakes, parents will not want to enroll. 

External Resources 

All classes will be using Minecraft:EE and Microsoft Teams. List other apps, websites, or services that students will be asked to use. These will need to be approved by EduMEE staff. This is important so parents know what tools their kids will be using.  

Changing an Existing Listing 

If you would like to make a change to your class, once your class has been approved for listing, you must request the class for listing again so that the support team can review these changes.  If you are unsure about a change to your listing, please message 

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