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Becoming A Teacher

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Here are the steps to getting approved to teach.  


You will apply via and take the applicable assessments. Once you are invited to register, you will sign up to teach on 


EduMEE Schooling Inc. has several requirements. Teachers need to meet these standards to become and to remain a teacher on EduMEE Schooling Inc. 

  • Hold valid k-12 teaching certification. 
  • Become Minecraft certified and teach using Minecraft Education Edition. 
  • Base your classes around Next Generation Standards and Project-Based Learning. 
  • Meet our community standards, including prompt, professional communication with parents and the EduMEE Schooling Inc. team.  
  • Observe our class content policy. 
  • Maintain a reliable and fast Internet connection (over 3Mbps upload and download). 
  • Possess technical know-how to effectively run online classes. 
  • Maintain a good command of written and spoken English. 
  • Verify your identity and run a criminal background check. 

Onboarding and Minecraft Certification 

Once you have been accepted to teach at EduMEE Schooling Inc., you will be invited to continue with our onboarding process. You will work through a series of checklists to fill out your teacher profile, learn more about Project-Based Learning and Next Generation Standards, and become Minecraft certified.   

Using Pre-Created Classes

EduMEE allows you to choose pre-created Minecraft Education Lessons to use in your classes. You don’t have to worry about being a master at Minecraft building to teach at EduMEE. We will supply the necessary tools to help you have a fun and engaging lesson, you bring your talent for teaching and knowledge of standards.

Background Check 

If your application meets our standards, we will ask you to start a background check. These are free, secure, private, and are performed by a company called Checkr that specializes in background checks. Once your background check completes, your request to teach will be approved.  

Get Started! Publish classes 

Once you have worked with your Mentor to work out details you will now be able to: 

  • Create class listings. 
  • Submit your classes for review 
  • Teach students through gaming!

Commission Based Payment

Teachers are paid when parents enroll a child in their course.  Teachers will set the price for their course with the help of their mentor.  EduMEE keeps a 10% fee and the rest is paid to the teacher. 

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