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Teacher Background Checks

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How EduMEE Schooling Inc. handles annual teacher background checks 

All EduMEE Schooling Inc. teachers must complete an identity verification and criminal background check before they can teach on the platform.  

We use a service called Checkr to perform most of our background checks and pay all associated fees. Checkr is a secure, industry-standard service for background checks within the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.  You can learn more about their data storage and information security practices here.   

Background check process 

We require teachers to be full-time residents (living at least 6 months out of the year) of one of the countries that we support.  Citizenship is not required, but please note that you will need a national identification number in order to proceed (e.g. SSN for US checks).  If you have citizenship or residency in multiple countries that we support, choose your country of residence.   

At this time, Checkr can only perform U.S. background checks for applicants residing within the 50 states, but not including Puerto Rico, Guam, or other U.S. territories.  It generally takes a few business days for a Checkr background check to be completed for U.S. applicants. 

If you are currently traveling abroad, you will need to wait until you are located in one of the countries we support before submitting your application.  This is due to differences in international privacy laws surrounding background checks. 

We background check our teachers to screen for violent offenses or trust and safety offenses.  We have these limitations to support the trust and safety of our users.  For teachers with a criminal record, EduMEE Schooling Inc. will consider the nature of the offense and the time since the offense. Trust and safety charges include, but are not limited to: 

  • Fraud and deception 
  • Internet crimes 
  • Statutory crimes 
  • Criminal intent 

Due to the virtual nature of EduMEE Schooling Inc. classes, we do not screen for vehicle or traffic violations.  

Background check renewals 

Teachers must renew their background check exactly one year after their check has completed and for every year thereafter for as long as they teach on EduMEE Schooling Inc.  When it is time to renew your check, you will be sent a reminder via your EduMEE school email. 

Information for teachers from Canada 

The Canadian background check process requires an additional step to comply with Canadian privacy laws. Canadian teachers will receive a Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) form from Checkr once they have initiated the background check. Teachers need to submit this form and additional forms of government identification to Checkr in order to complete the background check. This will include submitting 2 pieces of government ID and may include a video verification step with a member of Checkr’s team.  Due to this extra step, background checks for Canadian teachers can take several weeks to complete. 

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