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Teacher restriction and removal

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How we address activity that does not meet EduMEE Schooling Inc.’s standards 

Sometimes we will restrict a teacher’s activity on EduMEE Schooling Inc. or remove them entirely. We understand that even the best teachers will miss an occasional class, or have a parent complain about them. In moderation, none of those are concerning. 

However, we may restrict or remove teachers when we see repeated or extreme unprofessional conduct, including but not limited to:   

  • Using personal Minecraft, Teams, or other accounts to teach live classes, rather than going through EduMEE Schooling Inc. associated platforms 
  • Missing class  
  • When a class is missed, failing to follow up with parents 
  • Starting class more than 5 minutes late or ending class more than 5 minutes early 
  • Cancelling a class with less than 24 hours’ notice without providing notice to parents 
  • Providing consistently poor-quality experiences 
  • Not providing regular feedback or being available for questions  
  • Not responding to messages from parents who are enrolled with the teacher 
  • Deceiving, or trying to deceive, parents or EduMEE Schooling Inc. 
  • Parent complaints about the teacher’s behavior 
  • Disregard for student or parent safety or privacy 
  • Requesting enrollment fees from families to be paid outside of the EduMEE Schooling Inc. platform 
  • Asking or directing users to enroll in your class(es) on another site. 
  • Withdrawing students or canceling classes based on parent comments on other classes 
  • Failure to send back a payment 
  • Failure to renew your yearly background check 
  • Failing to maintain a good working relationship with the EduMEE Schooling Inc. team 
  • Other unprofessional behavior 
  • Other violations of our community standards 

When we have concerns about a teacher’s activity on EduMEE Schooling Inc., we share them with the teacher.  In most cases, teachers will be warned or restricted prior to removal.  The only exception is in cases of an egregious breach of trust and safety or extreme quality concerns. 

Additionally, to help ensure parents see relevant content, we close classes if they appear inactive. A teacher will be unlisted if there are no active or future classes and no new classes have been created in the past 12 months. This is one situation in which teachers may return to the site after being unlisted. If you have been unlisted solely due to inactivity, simply submit your classes for approval again. 


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