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Holding Special Events in Minecraft

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Teachers can Hold a Digital Event in Minecraft

As COVID-19 concerns prompt school closures around the world, many schools are finding creative ways to hold their major end-of-year events, such as proms, graduations and university campus tours in digital spaces – and Minecraft is a favorite destination.  Here are a few amazing examples of students using Minecraft to host events and bring their school communities together: 

I want to host a graduation, prom or other large event using Minecraft. How do I do this?

This is an awesome idea! Minecraft: Education Edition can host up to 30 players in a world.  Check out the Minecraft: Education Edition Multiplayer guide to learn more. 

If you plan to host more than 30 players, using a custom server for your world with Minecraft Bedrock or Minecraft Java Edition will be your best option.  These versions of Minecraft can support larger gatherings with hundreds of participants.  You can download server software for Minecraft Bedrock and Java and visit this guide to learn about setting up a Minecraft server on Azure.

When participating in an event hosted in a Minecraft Bedrock or Java world, we recommended that players use their personal Minecraft license to access the world.   Stream your event online to include participants that don’t have a Minecraft account.

How can I invite others to my Minecraft event?

You can create always-on multiplayer worlds using custom servers with the Minecraft Java or Bedrock editions. With these editions, you do not need to be playing the game to have guests access your world.

With Minecraft: Education Edition, the host must be playing the game in order for others to join. If the hosting player leaves the world, all other players will be removed from the server. Because of this, we recommend you create your world using Minecraft Bedrock or Java Editions.

How can I get help building an awesome Minecraft world for my event?

Minecraft has a global community of creators who can recreate your campus, school theater, or just about any venue you can imagine within Minecraft. Our partners may be able to set up a server and host your world for you as well. Reach out to any of our trusted partners for more details including availability and pricing.

Company  Contact Country 
Blockworks   James Delaney UK
Cross Pond Collaborations    UK / US
Everbloom Studios  Tom van Berkel  Belgium 
Fountain Management Studios  Max Coleman, Director UK 
Pathway Studios  Gerald Bove, President US 
ShapeScape  August Johansen Belgium 
How can I live broadcast my Minecraft event?

You can use Microsoft Teams to schedule your event and share it with others. For example, you could build and host a Minecraft world that’s a replica of your college auditorium or stadium and host a small number of faculty and the graduates inside that world.

Then, the graduates’ friends, family, and guests, along with all other members of your educational institution, can join a Microsoft Teams live event broadcasting the Minecraft world as students take part in their virtual graduation.

Those guests on the Microsoft Teams call won’t need a Minecraft license, and they won’t count against the maximum number of players in your Minecraft world.

For more information, see Get started with Microsoft Teams live events.

If music or other third-party content will be part of your event, it is your responsibility to secure any appropriate licenses or permissions.

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