The Next Big Thing In Homeschooling: What You Need To Know

The Next Big Thing In Homeschooling: What You Need To Know - EduMEE

The Next Big Thing In Homeschooling: What You Need To Know

The Next Big Thing In Homeschooling: What You Need To Know

Homeschooling has been a traditional way to educate children for centuries. But what is the next step in the evolution of homeschooling? Is it more online learning? Or do we take this time to rethink how we educate our children? Evidently, the future of education is in the hands of a small group of passionate innovators. Here are the next big things in homeschooling.

What are the next big things in homeschooling?

As we know, the homeschooling industry is just beginning to develop. As a result, a lack of information and a lack of understanding of this industry has led to the emergence of some erroneous notions. As educators, we don’t know what the next big thing in homeschooling is. But there are some clear indications of where homeschooling is going.

A mid-May nationwide poll found that 41% of parents said they were more likely to enroll their child in a homeschool, neighborhood homeschool co-op, or virtual school once the [Covid-19] lockdowns are over (American Federation for Children, 2020). About a week later, another national survey found that 59% of parents “… would likely pursue at-home learning such [sic] online school or homeschooling, with 30% saying they would be very likely to do so” (IPSOS, 2020).

A lot of homeschooling is still conducted with old-school pen and paper, using workbooks that can be expensive or outdated.

However, new startups are stepping in to offer new, tech-enabled solutions for homeschool.

  1. Prisma  Offering a blend of in-person and live online learning experiences, Prisma separates the roles of instructor and facilitator/coach. And promises to unlock learners’ potential in the process.
  2. Primer This startup wants to build the “full-stack infrastructure” to help parents homeschool their kids, with the hope of bringing homeschooling into the mainstream. It includes a tool to help parents navigate local regulations and a library of curated educational resources.
  3. EduMEE  A K-8 STEM school/ tutoring service, using Project-Based Learning based on Next Generation Standards. Connect live teachers with students in the most engaging learning environment using Minecraft. 

Online Learning

Let’s start with what we know already. We know that online learning is a big part of homeschooling. More than half of the homeschooling population has an online school program, according to the American Association of Christian Home Educators. And it’s not just for lower grades. Many advanced students are homeschooled, according to These students are learning at a more accelerated pace and, according to AACEH, some are even doing college work by the time they’re 13. The most common way that families are using online learning is by choosing learning based on interests. This way, children can learn about a particular subject by choosing what they like to learn about.

The Future of Education

Homeschooling has long been a tradition for some families in the United States. Children have taken a more flexible approach to their education by utilizing modern technology and unconventional learning methods.  According to the National Home Education Research Institute, trying not to reproduce institutional classroom schooling at home will allow children to experience a learning environment and educational process that includes more flexibility, customization, mentoring, tutoring, mastery learning, individualization, teachable moments, family time, calmness, safety, academic progress, and healthy social interactions, than if they were involved in institutional schooling (NHERI).

But for many reasons, the system seems to be stagnating. It seems to be stuck in a time warp as of late, rehashing the same old methods. What could be the next big thing in education? Here, you will watch a one-minute film on exactly what learning looks like with Minecraft Education Edition.

We are excited to offer something different to the homeschool community! We take one of the best-loved video games and use it as a teaching tool. Our highly skilled and certified teachers invite students into an engaging and immersive world where they will happily play and learn based on the latest standards. We want you to know you are important and valued. We want to help you make learning fun!


So, what exactly is the Next Big Thing In Homeschooling? Well, the next big thing is using technology, and interactive gaming to teach 21st-century skills while being at home in a safe and nurturing environment. Platforms like EduMEE: Minecraft School. For now, this is where you come in. Join the conversation and share your thoughts on the Next Big Thing In Homeschooling.

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